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First Class

The most well known type of mail, First Class is the same service used when a stamp or metered postage is applied. This service is perfect for sending a wide variety of correspondence; however, standard mail is less expensive for generalized content. First Class prices are determined by both the shape and weight of the mail piece.
Delivery Speed: Delivery is given priority over the other three classes of mail: 2nd class (newspapers and magazines, 3rd class (standard mail), and 4th class (media mail). According to USPS, typical delivery times range from 2-3 days within the U.S., but can vary especially during peak delivery periods.
Content Limitations: both handwritten and personalized content are perfectly acceptable.
Common Examples:
  • statements
  • payments
  • personal letters
  • receipts
  • client communication
  • payroll checks
  • personalized content
Any rates displayed on website are subject to change without notice and may be affected by certain mail piece characteristics.