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Standard mail is a cost efficient alternative to First Class with savings of up to 36% on each mailing. The main difference is in the speed of delivery, with standard mail being a slightly slower service. To qualify for these discounted rates, mail pieces cannot contain any personalized content. Also, nonprofit organizations can take advantage of even lower rates upon approval of the postal service.
Another advantage of standard mail is that mail pieces that meet letter qualifications and weigh 3.3ozs or less are all considered machineable letters.
Delivery Speed: Standard mail is also known as 3rd class mail, so delivery is given priority over the 4th class (media mail), but First Class and 2nd class (newspapers) are given priority over standard. According to USPS, typical delivery times range from 1-10 days within the U.S.
Content Limitations: only generalized content is permitted, no handwritten and personalized content; general correspondence sent to multiple recipients and form letters are both common examples of standard mail.
Common Examples:
  • newsletters
  • event announcements
  • policy changes
  • real estate listings
  • promotional items

Standard Routes

Routes are ideal for reaching potential customers or community residents. Also, choosing routes that include specific neighborhoods or areas of town can help you better reach your target audience. We can even pull up route maps of the city you are interested in to make selecting routes easy.
Common Examples:
  • organization awareness
  • informational
  • sale announcements
  • invitations
Any rates displayed on website are subject to change without notice and may be affected by certain mail piece characteristics.